Why do we raise funds?

At Santa Lucia, a nonprofit school, we are dedicated to providing a unique and enriching educational experience for every student. To achieve this goal, we engage in fundraising efforts to supplement our resources and enhance various aspects of our school programs. We rely on our parents, their extended networks, and our county as a whole in our efforts. 

How do we utilize funds?

These funds contribute to everything from classroom supplies, to fair compensation for our staff, to technology upgrades, and facility maintenance, ensuring that our students have access to the best possible learning environment. 

How do we raise funds & minimize expenses?

The generosity of our community through donations and fundraising efforts play a crucial role in sustaining our commitment to our holistic learning model. Parent volunteers are integral to our school community, offering their time and expertise to support various initiatives, from organizing events to assisting in classrooms. By fostering partnerships with the community, we strengthen the bond between the school and its surroundings, creating a collaborative environment that benefits everyone involved. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or community partnerships, helps us continue our mission of providing nature and peace-based education that empowers and inspires our students.

What are our financial goals?

The future of Santa Lucia is bright and evolving. We are committed to the longevity of our school facility through goals such as: replacing the roof, updating our septic system, and evening out the driveway and parking lot. We are committed to our one-of-a-kind staff by setting goals to offer fair wages, benefits, and increasing our classroom budgets. We are committed to our students and the San Luis Obispo community by developing a generous scholarship fund, especially to students from under privileged and BIPOC communities.

How can you contribute?

You can contribute to our school's mission by participating in our fundraisers and donating time, resources, or funds to our mission. We are so grateful for any and every way we are supported within our school community and through our extended community of families, friends, local businesses, and San Luis Obispo County at large.

We are so grateful you have come to this page of our website and learned a little more about how funding works at Santa Lucia School.

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