About Santa Lucia School

Santa Lucia School serves students in Kindergarten through 8th grade on our 5 acre property in Templeton, CA. What started nearly 40 years ago as a small school in a garage, has blossomed into a rich and diverse school experience on a 5 acre creek-side property in Templeton CA we have today, and proudly serves between 50 and 60 kids each year.

Our Holistic Learning Model is comprised of 3 guiding concepts:

Holistic & Child-Centered

Six Learning Pillars

Eight Pathways to Learning

Current tuition rates are $9800 per child per year, plus a yearly materials fee. Additionally, there is a one-time enrollment fee of $50. Scholarships are awarded as possible. Our scholarship fund availability is determined by fundraisers and donations. Please speak with the director about the current availability of scholarships.

Every classroom has focus time wherein students are taught core academic subjects aligned to the California Common Core State Standards. Project-based learning is a common instructional modality to blend content areas and to help children generalize skill and knowledge.

Many children with specialized academic, social, and emotional needs thrive at Santa Lucia School due to our holistic and child-centered learning philosophies. Please contact our administrative staff so we can learn more about your child and discuss needs and potential fit.

Yes!! Parent participation is integral to the success of our school. We encourage all parents to bring their unique skills and interests to help support our learning community. Every parent will be required to volunteer 40 hours for one child, or 65 hours for two each academic year. Volunteer hours can be spent: supporting instruction in the classroom, maintaining the school facility and landscape, and/or helping out with our fundraisers.

Santa Lucia students attend Monday through Thursday from 9:00-2:30 for grades K-2 and from 9:00-3:00 for grades 3-5. We have an optional paid before and after school program. Morning care begins at 8:30am and after care ends at 5:00pm.

We do not have a traditional hierarchical school organization. We are a collaborative community with equal value placed on all of our staff. We do have administrative staff who help with enrollment and school organization. Yet, for most matters, including absences and questions, your child's teacher will be your biggest resource.