Our Staff

Santa Lucia School celebrates its 33rd anniversary in 2018.

Santa Lucia’s distinguished faculty is characterized by the interest and individual attention given to each student. Our staff consists of a dedicated, energetic group of teachers and aides, and we delight in welcoming outstanding education consultants in topics such as art, physical education, science and music to further enrich our days together. Santa Lucia faculty members share a passion for rich and multi-cultural learning and bring extensive experience to the classroom that both educates and inspires.

Dr. Shirley Magnusson
Director  email Shirley
Shirley came to Santa Lucia with over 35 years of experience as a classroom teacher, a science specialist who taught in multiple elementary schools, and a teacher educator and educational researcher who helped advance curriculum and instruction at the elementary school level. Read a Welcome Letter from Shirley.




Ivy Schmidt
Primary Class Teacher, Grades 1-3  email Ivy
Ivy came to Santa Lucia with 17 years of teaching experience, 5 of those in a Montessori setting. Ivy enjoys weaving topics together and helping learners find connections within those topics and to their own lives. She recognizes that learning is such a personal event and she aspires to help each student find his/her bliss through exploring this amazing world. Read a welcome letter from Ivy.




SLS131Jaki Kalionzes 
Primary Class Aide, Grades 1-3 email Jaki
Jaki Kalionzes is the beating heart and open arms of Santa Lucia School. In addition to working with Lesley to provide top notch education to their students, ‘Jaki is always there with a hug, a wave, or whatever is needed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  If there is a human embodiment of love and compassion, we are pretty sure Jaki is it.





Erin Noble
Elementary Class Teacher,Grades 4-6  email Erin
This class is an ever moving, living, breathing tribute to learning and emerging childhood potential.  The elementary grades (4-6) are a time of unfolding, and we foster that transformation with a classroom that is educationally enriching while also being fun, multi-culturally rich and rife with opportunities for students to learn, grow and express themselves and their blossoming innate potential.  Read a Welcome Letter from Erin.





Gale Ybarra
Middle School Teacher, Grades 7-8  email Gale
Gale leads the middle school class at Santa Lucia as they bridge the progression from the elementary grades out into the world.  Gale is passionate about education and individualism. She fosters an environment for her students that challenges them to not only know the answer, but to engage in critical problem solving and collaborative learning that prepares them not only for high-school, but for success in a lifetime of learning to come.




SLS125Joseph Kalionzes 
Middle School Aide, Grades 7-8 email Joe
In addition to being the beloved aide to Gale in the middle school, Joe also teaches Spanish and brings his incredible talents in language and arts to all grades.  When not in the classroom, Joseph can often be found out on the field, or in the art studio, and is a firm yet loving champion of each student as they make their way through their years at Santa Lucia.