Schedule a Visit

Schedule a Visit for Parents Interested in Santa Lucia School for 1st – 8th Grade.

Santa Lucia Private School offers 1st through 8th grade holistic education using an innovative program and beautiful landscape.  To see if this school is a good fit for you and your family, we suggest you contact us to schedule a personal interview (even if it’s during the summer months). It’s really the best way to explore this option for your child’s educational experience.

Personal tours allow the Director to focus on the individual family while touring the campus. These personalized tours include classroom visits in the different classrooms (during summer months, you can still take a tour, but the focus is on work completed in the previous year). During the tour you will learn about our programs and education and the continuing growth of this unique educational philosophy. You will also learn about the history of Santa Lucia School, its programs, and how the curriculum specifically meets students in an age appropriate way throughout the grades.

Graduates of Santa Lucia School are actively engaged in the world around them, with a high level of self confidence, happiness and deep well being. We are a community dedicated to educating children to lean and serve the world in truth, beauty and goodness.

Please contact us to arrange your personal tour today. Email: or call (805) 434-2217.