Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (the Board) at Santa Lucia School, in constructive partnership with the School Director, manages effective governance of the school. The Board ensures that the core Mission and Values are reflected in its operation.

The Board establishes congruence of decisions by promoting a culture of inquiry, mutual respect, and constructive debate that leads to sound decision-making shared among the school’s leadership bodies.

The Board strives to promote an ethos of transparency by ensuring that community members have access to information regarding finances, operations, and results.

Individuals who have displayed enthusiastic leadership and accountability during committee work, as well as sincere interest in helping Santa Lucia School achieve its mission statement, are considered for service on the Board. The Board also considers for membership on the Board people outside of the Santa Lucia community who have demonstrated commitment to community service and support the ideals of Santa Lucia School.  If you are interested in serving on the Board or would like to recommend someone for service on the Board, please contact the Board President or any other Trustee.

When making decisions, Board members must put the interests of the school above all else.

The Board strives to focus on longer range strategic thinking to guide the direction of Santa Lucia School.

Santa Lucia School Board of Trustees:


Name Roll Phone Email
Nancy Cohn President (805) 461-1212
Jeff Watson  Vice President (805) 221-5907
(805) 712-0799 (cell)
Vallar McCrea Treasurer (805) 434-8423
John Flanagan  Facilities Coordinator  (805) 459-7673 (cell)
Stacy Burke Community Coordinator   (805) 234-7160 (cell)
Lindsay Pera Community   (805) 202-6029 (cell)
Casey Pera Community   (650) 307-9155 (cell)
Kelly Gleason Community   (805) 434-2217
Aurora Lipper Webmaster   (805) 544-4636
Sue Gibler Secretary   (805) 462-8810
(805) 550-8107 (cell)