Special Events

Events and Festivals for Santa Lucia Families


Santa Lucia has an active calendar of events throughout the year. Dates and times are subject to change. Please check our school calendar to confirm.


Halloween Poetry Party
A magical experience for our Elementary students and their families. This experience is for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students only.


Heart to Home
A homemade, heart-woven event showcasing the handiwork of our students and parents! All proceeds go to benefit the school. This event is open to the community.

Winter Performance
Cosy, warm, joyful and delicious! Our students gather together and create a magical and festive winter event for all the family members of our students.


Whole School Trip
Each year, the school plans a big adventure, and as a member of our school’s community, your family is invited! We’ve visited the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, camped in Yosemite, ice skated on frozen ponds, snow skied and roasted marshmallows together.  Each year is a new adventure, so check our calendar for more details. This event is for current students and their families only.

Spring Play
Each classroom creates their own theater production, and as parents, you get to watch and enjoy your shining star on stage!

This is a special time where the entire school honors those who are ready to move into their next big life adventure.