“Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the stars and mountains above. Let them look at the waters and the trees and flowers on Earth. Then they will begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.”

– John Muir


Innovative Education

As dramatic world events unfold daily, Santa Lucia School continues to mature and make positive contributions to the primary goals of education. Throughout the educational process the themes of human fulfillment, global cooperation, and ecological responsibility are stressed. Many believe the product of education should be happy well-rounded persons capable of finding purpose in and giving direction to their own lives. Rather than simply dispensing a body of facts, the school’s role is to encourage independent thinking. The goals of innovative education are incorporated into the program at Santa Lucia School.


CIMG1619The curriculum supports the child in pursuit of self-knowledge. The unique talents and   abilities of each person are respected. The natural desire to learn is protected through  recognition of a variety of learning styles. A life-long love of learning develops when self-esteem is held as a primary goal.

Cooperation & Communication

IMG_3585Cooperative learning and shared inquiry develop self-respect and mutual acceptance. Peace education increases understanding of differences and fosters appreciation for the perspective of others.

Global Awareness 

733874_10151596592261303_1309177308_nFinding the complexities of others to be enriching and learning how we enhance each   other’s well being through interdependence, students learn that there are many different and acceptable ways to  to be human. Respect for the unity that transcends our differences is learned through multi-cultural awareness, a major thread of the curriculum.

Conflict Resolution       

handsMediators, from children to international diplomats, need a theoretical basis and practical experience to develop skills for non-violent conflict resolution. Peace-making, like the history of war, can be taught as an integrated course of study. Time during each school day is devoted to learning practical skills for resolving problems.


IMG_0306A child’s natural imagination is cherished and nurtured. Each child is encouraged to picture new realities and solutions to open ended questions. Artistic, creative, self-expressive subjects are the core of Santa Lucia’s integrated curriculum. Imagination will serve equally well for the future environmentalist, scientist, artist and business person.

Love of  Nature

IMG_0160 (1)Celebrating life through constant contact with the natural world allows a deep love and respect for nature to develop. Outdoor classrooms and frequent field trips focus on the beauty of the world. These direct experiences lead to permanent ties with the environment and a reverence for all life.